Does anyone know where to get cheap, or even free, modern playscripts from?

The reason is, I try to read five scripts or playscripts a week.

This week I’m reading Changeling, The Visitor, Simon Block’s entertaining play Chimps, the first episode of Jeremy Dyson’s Funland and Neil LaBute’s Your Friends And Neighbours.

The film scripts are fairly easy to come by, thanks to SimplyScripts. There seem to be hundreds on there, and the site is constantly updated, and the BBC Writersroom has a steadily increasing archive of BBC televisions scripts on its site.

But stage plays are a different proposition. They cost. If you’re not able to buy a copy at the theatre, they’re expensive. We’re talking up to a tenner a script, and if even I can read up to five a week, it goes without saying, they’re not long.

Does anybody know if there’s some kind of library I can join? An organisation that’ll enable me to keep reading happily for the forseeable future?

Or am I going to have to bankrupt the Other Half?