You’ll find an interesting piece about rewriting at Robin Kelly’s marvellous Writing For Performance site this morning, another interesting article he’s found god knows where.

I can never read enough about rewriting. I yearn for that rewriting epiphany.

Rewriting is that alchemist process that transforms your wobbly jelly-like ramblings from base metal to stardust. But I still don’t altogether understand the process, and I really don’t know whether I’m an efficient rewriter or not.

Every time I pick up one of my scripts  I can see how it can be improved, – how it can be made leaner, how themes, character or a plot-point can be teased out. But I’ve never made wholesale changes to a script, taken it apart and rebuilt it from the ground-up . Which worries me somewhat.

Am I rewriting or simply tinkering?  What constitutes a rewrite? 

I hear writers discuss the eighth, twelth or twentieth-fifth rewrite of a script many years down the line, and my blood chills.

How do they know when it’s finished? At what point do they say, I think I’m there, that one’s done and dusted.

Because at some point, I really would like to send out some specs.

I guess I’ll have to keep reading about rewriting and trying to find my own method. There’s plenty of time, no hurry.

What’s your rewriting method?