I’ve got several scripts on the go now, in various drafts, which should keep me busy for the duration.

But I need to generate new ideas for the MA and the cupboard is, at the moment, bare.

I’ve got the bones of one or two ideas knocking around in my cranium. Simple concepts, really, that I’m going to have to work into something more substantial. I’ve got a horrible feeling that these ideas are not, in actual fact, new, and that I’ve been carrying them around for years.

But I find it difficult to just generate ideas out of thin air. Occasionally, I’ll have an eureka moment, and then realise it has frightening similarities to the movie I watched the night before, or the book I finished last week.

In my past life, when I got paid a wage and everything, I was never very good at generating ideas for programmes, but when I did get them, they would fall into place quickly, and they’d come together pretty well. But in those days, I had to get it done quickly.

Now I’ve got to get myself into the mindset of generating story ideas regularly. I’ve even got into that habit of reading the local newspaper – the last time I read a local newspaper, I worked on it – with one eye on interesting stories. 

Where do your ideas come from, I wonder? Do they come easily, or do you have to pound them out from somewhere deep inside?

Any techniques or advice you can pass on?