So in that very useful e-book of his, Adrian Mead suggested that before you attempt to find an agent, you add the following components – I may be wrong, I’m doing this from memory – to your portfolio…

A short film…

A sitcom, between 30 to 60 minutes.

A TV drama, between 60 and 90 minutes.

A feature script, between 90 and 120 minutes.

It all seems very sensible, a good place to start. I’ve got the feature on the way, and a couple of TV features – one 60 minutes, one  90 minutes – in first draft. I’ve even got the short film in a draft.

But I’m struggling on the sitcom idea. I’ve got a drama with comedic elements, but that’s not quite the same thing, and half-hour stand-alone dramas are thin on the ground.

They work well in the continuing drama format, of course – but as a stand-alone? I’m not sure.

What do you think? Should I jettison the half-hour comedy drama and sweat out a sitcom idea, or should I plow forward regardless? Am I thinking about this way too much?

What do you think constitutes the proper well-balanced portfolio to magick up a good agent?

What should I be looking to provide? How many different shapes and sizes of magnificent work have you on your memory stick, for example? 

As I’ve probably said before, I’m interested.