Kinda liked Watchmen. Kinda.

In the same way I remember reading the comic – please, let’s not use the high-falutin’ phrase graphic novels – and thinking, I kinda like the Dave Gibbons artwork. Kinda.

It was long, very long, and very literal and there was some lovely stuff in there. Jackie Earle Haley walked away with the show as Rorschach, as well he should, but nothing in the movie blew my socks off. The action-sequences in particular were workmanlike, rather stiff.

Truth was, I looked at my watch more than once and wondered how West Ham were getting on – not very well, by all accounts. Would have looked at the time on my phone but these days there’re aisle-Nazis who make sure you don’t take ’em in.

I’ve no doubt that its already long running-time will bloat considerably whenthe  straight-to-DVD cartoon of Tales of the Black Freighter, and other material, is incorporated into it.

But it looked a dream and I loved the attention to detail – here, at last, is a movie set in the 80s that actually looked like it was the 80s. Top soundtrack, too.

Blood thirsty though, I had quite forgotten how violent the comic book was, which kind of makes you wonder how it’s going to earn its hefty budget back. 

But if you like your superheroes serious and anguished and nekkid, and thought The Dark Knight woz robbed at the Oscars, you’ll love it. Me, I still have a soft spot for V For Vendetta.