Didn’t get much writing done this week, truth to tell, what with real life intervening. 

First, young son managed to pick up an ear-infection which has had him off school for part of the week with yours truly, and howling all through the night. Everyone’s nerves are a touch frayed from a lack of sleep.

Midweek, the doctor diagnosed some kind of outer-ear virus and an earspray, but since then  his condition, if anything, has worsened. A  child’s screams of pain are like a jackhammer to the soul – and there’s only so much Calpol and Ibuprofen you can give a small one.

Another doctor told us today that he had some kind of infection in the inner-ear – a totally different kettle of fish, apparently – and we can now give him antibiotics which’ll hopefully help him, and us, through the night.

In a more cheery development, the world of  regular work beckons once more for yours truly. I’d kind of swore off non-writing work but I’ve been given the opportunity to work a contained couple of days a week, so it won’t bite into the writing too much.

It’s really an opportunity too good to turn down and although part of me hesitates to lose writing time, one of the days I’ll be working is a Saturday – no, it’s not down Sainsbury’s – on which I probably only write for an hour or two, anyway.

Hopefully, it’ll help me focus much more across the rest of the week, it’ll get me out of the house and into the big, bad media world again – no bad thing – doing something at which I know I’m pretty good. And I’ll be able to contribute, just a little, to the upkeep of the household, which is good for the soul.  

Who would have thunk it.