My writing has been somewhat neglected again, this week, which makes me nervous, as the wide world of proper, honest-to-goodness, money-in-the-bank work has continued to eat into my time.

It’s been a great experience having some work come in and the whole thing has been undeniably exciting and nerve-wracking in turns.

It’s boosted my confidence and my spirit, and I’ve met some nice new people, and some old friends, but it’s taken up most of my practical and thinking time this week, and I’ll be glad when all the building blocks for the project are in place, and I can cut back my commitment to allow me more time to write. 

If it works out, I’ll be able to spend a good portion of my week writing, and a couple of days working, but the sudden change to my routine has been unsettling.

I apologise for the lack of posts, but I also apologise for my lack of creative endeavour. But sometimes I’ve got to put food on the table.