I will get around to writing in this bit. But I’ll have to think about what I want to say first. All I’ll say at this stage is that I don’t get out much anymore.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Mark: If not the same boat we’re in very similar ocean-going vessels. I’m 40, wanted to write since I could write, diverted into a different career, took up writing seriously about two years ago. Novel first, couple of short stories, now scriptwriting.

    Drop me a line at laurence.timms@gmail.com.


  2. Tom Murphy Says:

    Hi Mark – thanks for the comment on my blog. I haven’t come across ‘The Lower Frequencies’ before; do you fancy swapping links?

    I turned 40 last year, on the same day that the final assignment for my screenwriting MA was due (I craftily delivered it a few days early and hot-footed it for New York).

    I grew up really wanting to write comics, but got sidetracked until my wife enrolled me on a local adult education Intro to Screenwriting course. Since then I had a couple of short films made and other bits of minor interest, but nothing major.

    Doing the MA was an attempt to move forward in a more structured way – and something I’m really glad I did.

  3. Tom Murphy Says:

    Fire away! (But don’t expect anything approaching ancient wisdom in the answers)


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