I’ve been tagged by the marvellous Laurence. The Meme: Impossible…  to mention “six things or habits of no real importance” about me, so here they are…

I’ve been mentioned in three published books. In one of them you’ll find me just above Adolf Hitler in the index, in another my fictionalised-self is eaten by a giant, mutant pig.

I’m allergic to the wonder-drug of the age, penicillin. Ironic considering my aunt was one of Fleming’s test-samples. I fear that if I’m ever in a car-crash this fact will actually turn out to be quite important, but hey-ho.

Growing up, I wanted to be Quincy M.E., and I think I still do. I can take or leave the day job, with its cadavers and gruesome injuries, but there’s a lot to be said for enjoying a cocktail with a pretty lady on a houseboat.

My father was a professional boxer, and rather a good one. I can’t punch my way out of a paper-bag.

I’m a lucky so-and-so who really shouldn’t complain about the hand that life has dealt me, but that doesn’t stop me trying.

For eighteen years I’ve written down every book  I read in a little notebook so I know how many I read over the year. Every year the total makes depressing reading, and this year has so far been spectacularly dispiriting. However, only yesterday I added ‘Lush Life by Richard Price’ to the list. If I read a more brilliantly written book this year, I’ll be surprised. If I manage to read another book this year, I’ll be surprised. 

I won’t tag anyone, because I’m actually sure anyone reads this blog, but feel free to compile your own list.